Monday, February 14, 2011

Stanley, it's time for you to go home!

Stanley kept seeing big cactus in Arizona. Aunty Sue said they are called Saguaro. It's kind of a funny name ... you don't say the G. Sounds like Saw-war-oH.

Saguaro are as tall as a tree.

Here's one right next to a palm tree.

Aunty Sue said some Saguaro can live to be 150 years old. You can't eat them.


Well, you can touch them, but they have needles. And they are really sharp. They stick.

This was Stanley's last lesson in Arizona.

Now, Stanley. "We loved having you," said Aunty Sue and Auntie Robin, "but it's time for you to GO HOME."

He did a lot of things he wanted to do.

Take a look at his list at the right.

Can you count how many things on Stanley's Wish List that he got to do in Arizona?

Where's Flat Stanley?

It was time to leave the house. But one thing was missing.

"Where did Flat Stanley go?"

In the car? No.
Playing with the neighbor's dog? No.
Still in bed? No.

He's up a tree!

Fresh squeezed grapefruit for breakfast

Only the best for Flat Stanley.
Aunty Robin helps him reach a grapefruit in the tree in the backyard.  Even though she said it was sun-kissed and delicious, Stanley puckered up and yelled, "Sour!!"

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stanley had a lot of fun at the ASU vs. Arizona game

Flat Stanley wore his Sparky colors to the game at Arizona State University.

Just in case Sparky got tired or had an injury, Stanley was ready to jump in and help cheer on the crowd.

Here Stanley is waving at Sparky who's down under the basket.

Behind Sparky is the ASU student band. They were good... good.. good and loud.

Sparky was OK. He kept moving and shouting and dancing through the whole game. He never had to call on Stanley for help.

Before the game was over, Stanley stopped by the Fox 11 news truck to say 'Hello' to the crew.

Then he went back to the game where he got to sit in the very top row.

"I have the best seat in the whole arena," Stanley said as he high-fived fans sitting around him.

The only bad thing during the whole night was the final score:
Arizona, 67-ASU, 52 .

ASU basketball game .. put Stanley in, coach

Aunty Sue and Aunty Robin and Flat Stanley go to the basketball game at Arizona State University.

It's a big game. ASU is playing the University of Arizona. That's a pretty big rivalry.

Stanley and Sue stopped to get a soda before heading up to the stands.

Helping with homework

Flat Stanley offered to help Aunt Robin with her homework......
"Maybe it will help get us out of the house more quickly," Stanley said cheerfully.
And it did!

Flat Stanley enjoyed a little spa time

Stanley started his day with a little deep tissue massage at the spa!

He's a little shy, so Stanley asked if he could keep his tie on. No problemo, little guy.   Just chill.  Go to your happy place.

You are getting sleepy... sleepy...

Poor Stanley was grabbed by a little jet lag at the end of his first day in Arizona.

He played, watched some TV, had a snack and then was sent to bed.

At first, he sat up looking around, talking about his day.

Flat Stanley counted the things he wants to see on his trip and Aunty Robin said, "Shhh... go to sleep."

And finally, he slid down into the bed, closed his eyes and was out like a light.

How about a snack, Aunty Suzie?

Milk was great, but what about a snack? Stanley thought an apple would do just fine. Don't want to fill up too much. Flat Stanley said, "I can't turn into Fat Stanley now, can I?"

Flat Stanley headed to the fridge

When Flat Stanley arrived at Aunt Sue's house he was thirsty and hungry.
First stop: the fridge for a glass of milk.

Sue and Robin's neighbor also knew a Flat Stanley

June and Pete who live across the street from Sue and Robin were also entertaining a friend named Flat Stanley. Here's a photo of their trip to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum ... a place where you can learn about plants .. in Phoenix.