Monday, February 14, 2011

Stanley, it's time for you to go home!

Stanley kept seeing big cactus in Arizona. Aunty Sue said they are called Saguaro. It's kind of a funny name ... you don't say the G. Sounds like Saw-war-oH.

Saguaro are as tall as a tree.

Here's one right next to a palm tree.

Aunty Sue said some Saguaro can live to be 150 years old. You can't eat them.


Well, you can touch them, but they have needles. And they are really sharp. They stick.

This was Stanley's last lesson in Arizona.

Now, Stanley. "We loved having you," said Aunty Sue and Auntie Robin, "but it's time for you to GO HOME."

He did a lot of things he wanted to do.

Take a look at his list at the right.

Can you count how many things on Stanley's Wish List that he got to do in Arizona?

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