Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stanley had a lot of fun at the ASU vs. Arizona game

Flat Stanley wore his Sparky colors to the game at Arizona State University.

Just in case Sparky got tired or had an injury, Stanley was ready to jump in and help cheer on the crowd.

Here Stanley is waving at Sparky who's down under the basket.

Behind Sparky is the ASU student band. They were good... good.. good and loud.

Sparky was OK. He kept moving and shouting and dancing through the whole game. He never had to call on Stanley for help.

Before the game was over, Stanley stopped by the Fox 11 news truck to say 'Hello' to the crew.

Then he went back to the game where he got to sit in the very top row.

"I have the best seat in the whole arena," Stanley said as he high-fived fans sitting around him.

The only bad thing during the whole night was the final score:
Arizona, 67-ASU, 52 .

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